Feeling Fine with Paint & Wine

I’ve mentioned before that once a month, my sisters and I – along with our 2 closest female cousins – get together to catch up and spend quality time. To try to keep things interesting, we decide on a theme for every meet up.

This month was Wine & Paint Night – that’s right, we’re sophisticated 😉

Hosted at my sister, Ramona’s (home of class and favourable lighting), we chatted, chugged, and got cultivated.

Behold the wonderful harmony of flowing alcoholic & creative juices:

Do you remember when you were in Kindergarten and your teacher asked you to pose with your artwork to take a picture for your parents? It went something like this 😛

All special in their own way ❤ haha


Home for Christmas

Another great holiday season is wrapping up and I might actually be glowing from all the warm sentiments that tend to fill the air around Christmas time. You might know that one of my sisters permanently resides in Madrid, Spain but she was able to visit and spend the holidays with us this year for the first time since 2013!

If you were to ask me what’s more endearing than celebrating a special occasion with your loved ones, I wouldn’t have an immediate answer for you…

Would it be over-zealous of me to already be counting down the months until we’re all together again in Spain next Summer? 😛

Hope you’re all enjoying your holidays!

Our Blood is Strong

Nothing brings people together like music, and when your cousin is the one performing? The whole family comes through to show love.

This past Sunday, Hisbrother (and Savadouchi) performed at The Boat in Kensington Market and it was a spectacle for us all to remember. We rolled at least 30 deep and made sure everyone knew it – at one point, the boys in front row started their own mosh pit. The only thing that could’ve made the show any more memorable was if our cousin jumped offstage and crowd surfed.

Suffice it to say, though, mans kept it lit 😂

I’ve always felt love and gratitude for my family but that night elicited a whole ‘nother level of appreciation. If Bigboy could’ve seen us…

Family Over Everything.

#PJRapsForever ❤

Cha Me Chats

Have I mentioned yet that I have 5 sisters? One is currently living in Spain but once a month, the rest of us – along with our 2 closest female cousins – get together to catch up and spend some quality time. This time, we held our meet up at a Taiwanese food and bubble tea shop in Markham called Cha Me Cha.

To be honest, I had gotten in late the night before and I don’t exactly remember everything we chatted about. Being a little hungover, too, nothing appealed to me more than a giant bowl of hearty, beef soup…. which turned out to be a sheer let down for me. I ended up passing it around the table for anyone willing to absolve me of it.

The appetizers we all shared, though, exceeded expectations and I’d definitely come back to enjoy any one of them. In terms of dessert, that mound of wonder you see? Cha Me Cha’s signature shaved ice. Definitely something everyone should try – or at least witness – once in their lifetime 😛

Until next month!

Friendship Time

Quite ceremoniously, albeit unplanned, I ended my summer the same way I started it – at the cottage. This time, with my closest friends 🙂

Aside from the cottage staples of beer, burgers, and board games, our weekend also consisted of a swim in the local pool and a visit to the Niagara-on-the-Lake town. In all the times I’ve been to Niagara Falls, I’d never seen the Town before and it struck me how much it felt like I’d been transported to the setting of a book from my childhood. Maybe it was the sunset or the twinkling lights but there was something surreal – almost idyllic – about being there.

Also, folks there really dig their gelato. Almost every other shop we passed was a gelato or ice cream parlour. Definitely characteristic of a place visited in my childhood imagination 😛

Thanks Niagara, always a good time 👌


The Ex

It’s that time of the year, you guys. Summer is officially coming to an end…. but it’s not over just yet.

Another one of my annual summer traditions would be paying a visit to the wonderful Canadian National Exhibition (thank you, Toronto).

It’s probably due to the fact that my favourite movie growing up was My Girl and even though it wasn’t a blast for Vada Sultenfuss, I’ve had a real thing for carnivals ever since. The lights, the sounds, the crowds – okay, sounds like a recipe for chaos actually. But when you’re right there, in the midst of everything, there’s something kind of magical about it all. It’s like, a friendly call to your distant but ever familiar childhood…. or is it just me? 🙈

Well, if you’re in Toronto – living or visiting – and haven’t been to The Ex yet, what are you waiting for? And if you’ve been but haven’t tried the rainbow slide, you haven’t lived man. I don’t have any photos of said slide this year because I was too caught up in excitement going down but when you go and see it, you’ll know what I’m talking about 👉

Anyway, hope Summer ’16 has been good to all of you!

It’s been one for the books for me 🙂

Onward to Adventure: Hamilton Style


Does a visit to Hamilton even count if you don’t end up going on a hike or two?

My good friend Kristine has been living there since we graduated High School and I try to make a trip over at least once a year. Since my cousin, Lil, had just come back from spending a year in Beijing, it seemed like a good opportunity for the three of us to hang out 🙂

This year, we conquered Albion Falls, with its slippery rocks and fallen tree trunks in all their just-rained-on glory. Oh, there were frogs bouncing around too.

Then we hit up Dundas Peak – can’t leave the Hammer without some Insta-worthy Selfies With A View, now, can you?

We also got to enjoy a nighttime view of the city 🙂

I can’t get over how many lookouts there are in Hamilton. For any photo-taker or avid snapchatter, it’s a real treat 👌

Sidenote: Guys in the area who are looking for places to take a girl on a first date, take her to the nighttime lookout. Trust me. (after dinner of course, feeding the lady is always Rule #1) 😉

Scarborough Ribfest

Didn’t get there in time to catch the sunset, as hoped, but Ribfest was as good a time as always. And those Camp 31 ribs? Pleease tell me you didn’t go anywhere else for your meal.

I went with someone new this year and had to teach him the tradition of getting a dozen Tiny Toms on your way out – even if you’re full, no excuses. Can you believe he’d never tried such wonder in his life before? Talk about missing out on the little things… they were a success, btw, even if he refuses to admit it. “Just one” ended with us fighting over who got to eat the last bite.

Anyway, as I’m not privy to stuffed animals, my souvenirs from the night are these photographs…. they’re a lot easier to carry around 😛

Just Visiting

It’s a shame I didn’t get more photos of them but some cousins of ours from New Jersey came to visit and we all got together at my sister, Ramona’s, for an all-day barbecue. They’d gotten caught in some returning-from-the-long-weekend traffic and arrived hours later than we had anticipated. In the meantime, though, we helped ourselves to the usual BBQ goodies – hot dogs, burgers, an abundance of fudgsicles (hence, the madly energetic children you’ll discover below). Oh, and also the not-so-usual hot tub 🙊.

If my sister ever decides to host barbecues in the wintertime, I would support her decision completely 😛

And of course, Jack was there too. Up way past his bedtime but he can never turn down a party.


Thanks again for stopping by, cousins, and we hope you enjoyed your trip!

Weekend Islanders

Visited the Toronto Islands with some good friends the other day and we couldn’t get over how much it felt like we’d left the city and gone on vacation somewhere. It was my first time going since I was a little kid and I was reminded how fortunate we are to be living in a city like ours. I’ve been plagued with a severe case of wanderlust my entire life, always yearning to be anywhere-but-here to explore the rest of the wondrous world so I tend to take for granted how much more Toronto has to offer besides its trademark vibrant, urban atmosphere.

If you’re looking for a break from day-to-day city life, or just something fun to do, I’d recommend paying the Islands a visit before the summer’s up 🙂 but don’t forget to rent some bikes and stop at each lookout to enjoy the view!