Cha Me Chats

Have I mentioned yet that I have 5 sisters? One is currently living in Spain but once a month, the rest of us – along with our 2 closest female cousins – get together to catch up and spend some quality time. This time, we held our meet up at a Taiwanese food and bubble tea shop in Markham called Cha Me Cha.

To be honest, I had gotten in late the night before and I don’t exactly remember everything we chatted about. Being a little hungover, too, nothing appealed to me more than a giant bowl of hearty, beef soup…. which turned out to be a sheer let down for me. I ended up passing it around the table for anyone willing to absolve me of it.

The appetizers we all shared, though, exceeded expectations and I’d definitely come back to enjoy any one of them. In terms of dessert, that mound of wonder you see? Cha Me Cha’s signature shaved ice. Definitely something everyone should try – or at least witness – once in their lifetime 😛

Until next month!


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