Onward to Adventure: Hamilton Style


Does a visit to Hamilton even count if you don’t end up going on a hike or two?

My good friend Kristine has been living there since we graduated High School and I try to make a trip over at least once a year. Since my cousin, Lil, had just come back from spending a year in Beijing, it seemed like a good opportunity for the three of us to hang out 🙂

This year, we conquered Albion Falls, with its slippery rocks and fallen tree trunks in all their just-rained-on glory. Oh, there were frogs bouncing around too.

Then we hit up Dundas Peak – can’t leave the Hammer without some Insta-worthy Selfies With A View, now, can you?

We also got to enjoy a nighttime view of the city 🙂

I can’t get over how many lookouts there are in Hamilton. For any photo-taker or avid snapchatter, it’s a real treat 👌

Sidenote: Guys in the area who are looking for places to take a girl on a first date, take her to the nighttime lookout. Trust me. (after dinner of course, feeding the lady is always Rule #1) 😉


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