Just Visiting

It’s a shame I didn’t get more photos of them but some cousins of ours from New Jersey came to visit and we all got together at my sister, Ramona’s, for an all-day barbecue. They’d gotten caught in some returning-from-the-long-weekend traffic and arrived hours later than we had anticipated. In the meantime, though, we helped ourselves to the usual BBQ goodies – hot dogs, burgers, an abundance of fudgsicles (hence, the madly energetic children you’ll discover below). Oh, and also the not-so-usual hot tub 🙊.

If my sister ever decides to host barbecues in the wintertime, I would support her decision completely 😛

And of course, Jack was there too. Up way past his bedtime but he can never turn down a party.


Thanks again for stopping by, cousins, and we hope you enjoyed your trip!


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